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Well over half of all veterans eligible for DAV membership have already joined our ranks. Asked why they joined in a recent survey, they overwhelmingly cited DAV service.

More than 200,000 vets and members of their families seek out DAV’s professional service every year. They need counseling on the full range of benefits for veterans and their families.

They need help with disability compensation, VA pension, death benefits, VA medical care, Social Security disability benefits, veterans’ job programs, and so much more.

They get that help – expert help – from other disabled vets who have undergone the stiffest training program in veterans’ affairs. An all-new, high-tech training program is making sure DAV National Service Officers (NSOs) will always remain the best.

And vets like the fact that the DAV gets no government funding. They know that DAV is on their side.

Finally, at the highest level of appeal within the Department of Veterans Affairs, the DAV represents more clients than all other veterans’ groups combined.

How Does Your DAV Membership Benefit You?
As a DAV Member, in addition to DAV programs and services, members are entitled to a Member Benefits Package, which gives you access to a variety of important programs, products, and services. Also included with your membership is a FREE subscription to DAV Magazine.

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