Nevada Women Veterans

Nevada Women Veterans

Get Connected with the Nevada Office of Veterans Services; Yvonne Betron, Women Veterans Program Coordinator. 555 E. Washington Ave. Suite 1013 Las Vegas, NV 89101;; 702-486-3830 or 702-501-9432; Email sign-up here at:

Posted: August 5, 2020

Posted: August 5, 2020

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Subject: Women Veterans Advisory Committee Meeting - August 12
I’ve attached the upcoming Agenda for the Women Veterans Advisory Committee Meeting on August 12 at 1pm. Also, included are the meeting Minutes from April 8, 2020. The Committee will be meeting on Zoom. Please use the invitation below to connect via videoconference or phone. Thank you!

Videoconference Access                                                                                                                 
Please use this link on your computer
Meeting ID: 987 6728 0799

Teleconference Access
Please dial in using your phone
United States: 877 853 5257
Meeting ID: 987 6728 0799

Posted: June 11, 2020

Posted: June 11, 2020

Subject: Women Veteran articles from VFW
HVAC Women Veterans Task Force Holds Online Forum: On Tuesday, members of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Women Veterans Task Force, VA, women veterans, and VSOs discussed the mental health and wellness of women veterans and the impact of COVID-19. VFW National Legislative Service Associate Director Tammy Barlet, a Coast Guard veteran, said department officials are behind in providing data on women’s usage, complaint rates at medical facilities, and communication with VSOs. “This is the time to over-communicate, not go radio silent,” she said. Telemedicine, women veteran peer specialists, sexual harassment, inconsistent services at different locations, and VA outreach were other critical issues discussed. Watch the forum. 
GAO Report Finds Women More Likely to Leave the Military Than Men: This month, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report, Female Active-Duty Personnel - Guidance and Plans Needed for Recruitment and Retention Efforts. This report was in response to congressional concern over recruitment and retention of female service members. The report found that women were 28% more likely to separate from the military than men, and that female enlisted promotion rates are lower than their male counterparts. GAO found that there are six main reasons women leave the military: work schedules, organizational culture, family planning, dependent care, deployments, and sexual assault. The authors of the report noted that it was not just sexual assault, but the way the military handled the assault that contributed to some women leaving service. The report found that while the services have female recruitment and retention listed as priorities, they have failed to develop plans that include goals, performance measures, and timeframes to guide their efforts. DOD concurred with the recommendations.
Posted: March 24, 2017

Posted: March 24, 2017

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Dear Veteran

My name is Claudine Wilson Choate, and I'm a U.S. Army veteran.

As veterans, we are often turned away when we try to get the assistance we need. We wait too long to get an appointment at the VA, and too often our claims are unjustly denied.

I know, because it happened to me. But I reached out to DAV for help — and I'm so glad I did.

I'm writing to you today to ask you for a favor: Read my story and share it with any veteran who needs help and could benefit from DAV's programs and services.

For years after I got out of the Army, I was doing well. I was working and taking care of my two beautiful daughters. But, in 2009, everything changed: I lost my job and my health started to decline due to service-connected injuries.

I didn't want to go back to the VA because they had already denied one of my claims. But I thought I had no choice … nowhere else to turn. That's where DAV came in.

At the advice of other veterans, I made the call to DAV. I talked with a DAV National Service Officer (NSO) and can only describe the assistance I received as "phenomenal." My NSO helped me re-file my claim with the VA, and I was awarded retroactive benefits dating back to 1999.

DAV donors made that all possible. It's my duty to pay it forward and share my story with you. I want all veterans to have access to the help I received.

Please share my story with a veteran you know who needs help to let them know they are not alone. Will you point a veteran to DAV and help them change their life?

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Claudine Choate

Claudine Choate
Army Veteran
Proud DAV Member